About Me

Core Activities

We Identify & create the best ideas for the following strategic topics related to new business growth innovation 


  • Challenge driven innovation management
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • Developing & delivering innovation pipeline leads
  • Cultural management : diversity & inclusion
  • Knowledge management
  • Innovation Strategy

Open innovation key challenges & bottle-necks

  • Metrices of Idea Generation
  • How can innovation fight down the economic turmoil
  • What is holding back from being more innovative?
  • Involvement of Government, private companies 
  • Framework for understanding customer needs, establishing market opportunity

  • How can failure be utilized as a resource when creating new ventures?

About Me


With more than a decade of experience in strategic business development, sales management and corporate innovation strategy; I am now here to present my findings, views and approaches that a Manager should take into consideration for a successful transformation from digital revolution to behavioural revolution in their organization.


I am aiming in constitutionalizing the application of strategic innovation management organically in and around the business eco-system. I trust in my readers to become the game changers of the future.  

The primary goal of Opentoinnovate is to create a sense of awareness around the globe regarding the digital revolution taking place today and encouraging people to be a part of the eco-system. I believe that it is essential for the generation Z, millennials, university students and the working professionals to identify and understand the upcoming mega-trends and the respective growth opportunities.