Industry Mega-Trends


Opentoinnovate aims in providing a simplified approach to attain successful innovation by identifying the key industry megatrends along with a set of bottlenecks and deliver a pragmatic, agile and efficient solution to our readers in a layman's language.

The Classical questions which we answer and contribute solutions for our readers are the following:


  1.  The basic principles of innovation management and strategic business development.
  2.  Why is developing the feel of empathy very important to innovate?
  3.  How to identfy a pain point or a challenge and convert it into a business opportunity?
  4.  What missing feature can be generated in order to create value add?
  5.  Evaluation and validation of selected industries based on disruptive / open innovation.
  6.  Strategic positioning in the value chain of a specific industry.
  7.  Digitizing a physical element, action, or experience – or digitize all three?
  8.  Business transformation from a product provider to a digital based solution provider.
  9.  How can new business model innovation be the next revolutionary aspect to survive in the business?
  10.  How to strategically tackle and approach the forthcoming Industry Mega-trends?




Future anticipated global trends changing the requirements of the consumer due to disruptive innovation 



  • Digital revolution : Every industry is now your industry


  • Smart technologies : What kind of intelligence we would require to create a smart future?


  • Automation : Role of human, when the machines will become workers


  • Behavioral revolution : How essential is it to be a part of a healthy eco-system